So I have joined the community of bloggers…inspired by the many quite simply brilliant blogs that already exist. Having always had a keen interest in gadgets, IT and how we can use these in Physical Education I guess it was inevitable that this day would come…

Personally it was Facebook that came first for me…introduced to it when it still was finding its way along the Eastern seaboard of America by a school friend who had moved to New York at 22 years of age…its come a long way since then. The next big evolution was Twitter…and if I’m being honest it was something I thought of as simply ridiculous when it first appeared…why would I want to know what random people were up to at any given time or place…at least I have an open mind…two Twitter accounts later and I am now well and truly a ‘Tweetcher’, a member of the ‘Twitteratti’…or any other given name that we are all labelled with now!

Having taught Physical Education in London schools for over eight years now, I feel like I am entering a whole new chapter of my career…with Twitter and Blogging putting me in touch with experts, specialists, fellow professionals and the odd opinionated so and so…the world of teaching is opening up in front of me!

As time passes I hope to blog about practice I feel is worth sharing, articles that I hope lead to debate and anything that I feel can knit the community of those interested in the future of children closer together…

At this point I must thank some of those who have inspired me to write..click on their names to be taken to their blog…or find them on Twitter

Richard Bailey…”A regular post about education, sport, science, expertise and anything that seems interesting”

Jon Tait …”The blog for teachers”

David Fawcett …”My Learning Journey. Thinking out loud, reflecting and sharing thoughts about my teaching”

Phil Barrett … “Handheld Learning in PE… Emerging Technology of Tomorrow in Todays Lessons”

Matt Bebbington (Teaching & Learning), Geoff Barton (Headteacher), Shaun Dowling (The Youth Sport Trust), AfPE (Association for Physical Education) … the list could go on!

There are some exceptional practitioners/minds willing and able to share a wealth of knowledge and hopefully I can to that in the future…

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