How To Encourage Learning By Making “Smart Mistakes” (John Caddell)


99U: Insights on Making Things Happen:

We’ve written here before that you can learn a lot from your mistakes, but of course you shouldn’t seek out mistakes. Or, should you?

In fact, there’s a class of mistakes that you can more than recover from – that you can use as tools to discover and test out new ideas. Let’s call them “smart mistakes”…


The Power of Delaying Gratification


The Creativity Post article (October 2012)

Why the secret to impulse control isn’t willpower! In 1970 psychologist Walter Mischel famously placed a cookie in front of a group of children and gave them a choice: they could eat the cookie immediately or …


Daily Exercise Significantly Improves Pupils Test Scores


Daily Telegraph article (March, 2012)

Schoolchildren should spend at least an hour a day doing “vigorous” physical exercise to boost their exam results and cut obesity, a leading academic said.

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